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Keep every location current.

As retailers grow  into new markets, keeping branding current across all locations becomes increasingly difficult.   KüwlVu’s Dashboard allows retailers to organize and consolidate all of our services in one place.  This improves productivity at scale by enabling multiple players to maintain brand consistency across all locations.

Assess & Evaluate

By taking an accurate inventory of current merchandising and marketing initiatives, we can begin to assess what’s working and what can be made more efficient.  We inventory existing stores using 3D scanning technology, and new stores by reproducing architectural drawings & floorplans in 3D.  This gives both parties the most accurate picture of current merchandising initiatives and a platform to build new campaigns.

Consolidate & Optimize

Whether you’re managing one store or thousands, every one of our solutions are integrated into the dashboard.  Even the most complex and custom solutions can be added to new locations efficiently.  This allows for maximum efficiency and accountability when rolling out new merchandising and branding across multiple locations.  

Maintain Consistency

Focus on moving your brand forward and leverage Retail Dashboard to maintain consistency in the most efficient way possible.  KüwlVu Dashboard is browser-based and accessible on all devices so your entire team can access all of our solutions from anywhere.

Virtual Store

Every dashboard includes an interactive virtual representation of your stores.  Navigate through the store to select products, click more and follow the link to be taken to the respective product.  Set up a  dashboard and try out new products for size, or transfer products from one location to to the next.  This demo links to our products pages, but live stores have full e-commerce functionality and option to purchase online or with a purchase order.

Have a corporate intranet?  Embed the virtual store to direct team members exactly where they need to go.

Corporate, Chains & Franchises

Integrate multiple locations into one custom dashboard.  
Provide access and accountability to relevant teams with multiple logins.


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